Company Dossiers

Hey Peeps, I made this list s a reminder to myself that I need to do a dossier for each of the 7th realm's companies/facilities.

However! You can contribute to this list, adding your own companies/facilities for your own canons, or adding on to the 7th realm canon.

Company Canon Dossier Page
F.D./Facility 36 7th Realm Facility 36
T.R.F./Facility 42 7th Realm {f42}
Platform 16 7th Realm {f16}
East Company 7th Realm {east}
WESTPORT 7th Realm {west}
Northerstar Enterprises 7th Realm {north}
Southern Night University 7th Realm {south}
AVERDE Academy 7th Realm {averde}
Megadon Acadmy 7th Realm {megadon}
A.R.F./Base 6 7th Realm {b6}
CRM/Ruined Base 9 7th Realm {r9}
7th Realm Floating Inn 7th Realm {inn}
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